• Cutting Aces And Kings
  • Dai Vernon’s Triumph
    • Daryl’s Display
  • Poker Deal With Color Changing Deck


  • Book Break
  • Controlling The Bottom Stock Riffle Shuffle
  • Controlling The Top Stock Riffle Shuffle
    • Alternating Roman Shuffle
  • D’Amico Revelation
  • Double Ace Production
  • Double Undercut To Top
    • On The Table
  • Double Undercut To Bottom
    • In The Hands
    • On The Table
  • Downs’ Red Black Riffle Shuffle
    • Ackerman Variation
  • Erdnase False Shuffle
  • Fake Double Swing Cut
    • A.K.A. French Tap
  • Fake Triple Swing Cut
  • Four Ace Production
  • Freeman Kosy Ace Production
  • Getting A break On The Table
  • G.W. Hunter False Shuffle
  • Ireland’s Red Black Shuffle
  • Jay Ose Triple Fake Cut
  • Mel Stover Fake Cut
  • MGM Revelation
  • Off The Bottom Strip Fake Cut
  • Pull Through With A Cut
  • Riffle Shuffle Stack
  • Roger Klause Overhand False Shuffle
  • Shank Shuffle
  • Sideways Shank Shuffle
  • Strip Out False Shuffle
  • Tabled Fake Cut
  • Tabled Slip Cut
  • Top An Bottom Block Transfers
    • On The Table
  • Triple Fake Cut
  • Up The Ladder
  • Zarrow Shuffle
    • Slip Shod Cutting Sequence Eliminating The Middle Pull Out
    • Vernon’s Two Shuffle Concept
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