• 4 Ace Center Deal Demonstration
  • Bottom Deal For Card Change
  • Ed Marlo 4 Ace Discovery
  • Martin Gardner “Marlo Poker Deal”
  • Revisiting The Card Case Collectors
  • Ten-Handed Poker Stack Demonstration


  • Ackerman Stories
  • Ackerman Varies Kelly
  • Ackerman Varies Kelly To Full Palm
  • Bottom Deal & Applications
  • Dai Vernon’s Card Case Load
  • Ed Marlo Crimp
  • Ed Marlo Stories
  • Greek Break
  • Hofzinser Card Pass To Full Bottom Palm
  • How To Set Up For A Bottom Deal
  • Mechanics Grip
  • Minus-One Bottom Deal (Greek Deal)
  • New Convincing Control
  • One-Handed Center Deal Variation
  • One-Handed Center Curry Change
  • Spooky Altman Trap
  • Super Practice Slow Motion Minus-One Bottom Deal
  • Swing-Cut Bottom Palm
  • The A.B. Bottom Palm
  • The Slip-Shod
  • Thoughts On Moves
  • Thoughts On The Zarrow Shuffle
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