Bob White
Card Magic A Practical Approach

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Title: Card Magic A Practical Approach
Performer: Bob White
Running Time: 1hr 34m
Publisher: Scapegrace Pictures
Producer: Jared Brandon Kopf
Editor: Michael Squires
Cameras: Jared Brandon Kopf
Year: ©2005 Robert H. White

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The effects on DVD are demonstrating the moves and the subtlety involved when “Close Watched” moves are implemented.

  • A Chemical Reaction To The Cards
  • Ambitious Classic
  • Dai Vernon’s Penetration Of Thought
  • Double Pinochle
    • Dai Vernon’s unpublished Version
  • E.G Brown’s Thought Of Card Across
  • E.G. Brown’s Spelling Trick
  • Japanese Aces Nick Trost
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
    • Hats and Gloves
  • Lie Detector Test
  • Slow Motion Jazz Aces
    • Peter Kane Jazz Aces
    • Dai Vernon Slow Motion Aces
  • The Fingerprint Trick


  • Flash Double Lift
  • Quick Ambitious Card
  • Right Thumb Slide
  • The Double Lift
    • Attributed to Arthur Finley
  • The Get Ready
  • The Pinch
  • The Theory
    • Uniformity Of Action
  • Vernon Double Lift


  • Diminishing Lift
  • Elmsley Count
  • Gemini Count

False Counts & One Hand Tilt

  • Diagonal Push Through to Pinky Break
  • Modified Push Off Count
  • One Hand Tilt
  • Perfect Pitch Count
  • Two Card Push Off
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