The Puerto Rican Gambler Unmasked

  • The Boomeranging Card of Mystery
    • Variation One:  The Chicago Conspiracy
    • Variation Two:  Quick Silver
  • Holding On!
  • The Puerto Rican Triumph
  • The Mysterious Cross Of India:
    • An Interlude And Lecture
  • In The Pinch
    • Conditional Variations: Just Tweezing
  • Conditionally Assembly
  • Twisted Aces Redivivus
  • Double-Dazzling Triumph
  • This is the DELUXE leatherette version of “Confessions Of A Puerto Rican Gambler”
  • Strict Limited Release: Only 250 Were Ever Produced.
  • It was Released in 2016 by Vanishing inc.
  • A fancy hard cover deluxe book set containing:
    • Deluxe Slipcase
    • Two Hard Cover Out Of Print Books:
      • “Confessions Of A Puerto Rican Gambler”
      • “For Your Entertainment Pleasure”
  • 243 New Photographs
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