Volume 1 – Card Technique 1


  • Various Grips
  • Mechanics Grip
  • High Grip
  • Master Grip
  • Erdnase grip
  • Modified Erdnase Grip
  • Modified Erdnase Grip Bottom Deal
  • The Bottom Deal

Second Deal 

  • Take vs. Strike
  • Sailing Second Deal
  • One Hand Second Deal I
    • Ed Marlo’s Favorite Second Deal Trick
  • One Hand Second Deal II
  • The Easy Second Deal
  • The Natural Second Deal
    • Ace of Spades Trick
  • The Punch Deal
    • With a Punched Deck

Second Deal (cont.)

  • Ten Hand Poker Deal
  • The Minus Bottom
    • Master Grip
    • Buckle
  • The Center Deal

Bottom Deal 

  • Bottom Deal Inner Corner Take
    • Magazine Vol 3 And Unexpected Card Book
    • Ed Says”That’s Very Good Bottom Deal Between 2 people”
    • Master Grip
  • Bottom Deal Inner Corner Take
    • Center Take
  • Bottom Deal Count I
    • Five Hand Poker Demo
  • Bottom Deal Count II
    • Original Five Hand Poker Demo
  • Havana Deal (Bottom Deal)
    • Stud Havana I
    • Stud Havana II
    • Original Havana Deal

Bottom Deal (cont.)

  • One Hand Bottom Deal
    • Back
    • Forward
    • Small Packet Method Forward
    • “My Never Miss Trick”
  • Bottom Deal Two Finger Take
    • Straddle Grip Alternate
    • Faro the bottom 4 Aces Setup
    • Alternate Setup
  • Combination Stud Second Deal I
    • Dai Vernon, Russ Barnhart, Ed Marlo, Stanley James Combination Deal
  • Four Ace Control
  • Bold Card Control I
  • Bold Card Control II
  • Bold Card Control III 4 Aces
  • Bold Card Control Stop Trick
  • Bold Card Control Off the Bottom
  • Card Stab
    • One Hand Bottom Deal
  • Card Control
    • Complete Stab Trick

1 review for Ed Marlo
The Secret Sessions
Vol. 1 – Card Technique

  1. thefocm0
    5 out of 5

    FOCM Moderator

    These Videos are amazing.

    To see Ed Marlo actually performing effects and explaining, most of them, is just awe inspiring.
    Yes these videos are old and shot with “just OK” lighting and basically “one shot” but the
    information is absolutely a gold mine of material that is in a lot of the books and magazines etc.

    The old Korem Videos are top notch but, these videos get down to the nuts and bolts of Marlo.
    Like you are sitting in his dining room.

    Aside from “Prime Time Marlo” by Jon Racherbaumer, you will never be able to see Ed Marlo like this.

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