• Card Rises From Bottom To Top Of Deck
  • Card Speller
  • Card to Pocket
  • Charlie Miller’s Dunbury Delusion 1
  • Charlie Miller’s Dunbury Delusion 2
  • Celestial Aces #2
  • Instant Reversal
  • Rise Reverse Plunger
  • Selected Card Disappears and ends up Face Up On Top Of The Deck


  • Angle Jog Controls In The Hands
  • Angle Jog Controls on The Table
  • Angle Jog In a Riffle Shuffle
  • Bottom Card Push Over Charlie Miller
  • Center 2 Card Put Down
  • Center Twist Double Lift
  • Getting Into Tenkai
  • Gravity Drop Double Lift
  • Gravity Drop Double Turnover
  • Gravity Drop Triple Lift
  • Gravity Drop Triple Turnover
  • Harry Lorayne Peek
  • Selected Card From Bottom Of The Deck To Top
  • Selected Card From Top Of The Deck To Bottom
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