Larry Jennings
In Paris France

Title: Larry Jennings in Paris France
Original Title: Paris Super Session
Performer: Larry Jennings
Volume: Two Disc Set
Running Time: 2h 55m
Producer: Mayette Modern Magic (Mayette Magie Moderne)
Publisher: Mayette Modern Magic And Dominque Duvivier
Director: Jean-Pierre Benoit
Editor: Dominque Duvivier
Assistant Editor: Maryse Mouvin, Alexandra Duvivier
Cameras: Jean Pierre Benoit, Marie Christine Duvivier, Philippe Foselme, Dominque Duvivier
Translator/English Voiceover : Jean-Jacques Sanvert
Interviews by: Gaetan Bloom
Consultant: Richard Kaufman
Year: ©2015 Mayette Modern Magic

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Introduced by Dominque Duvivier


  • Ambidextrous Travelers
  • Card In Beer Bottle
  • Cigarette Miracle
    • Paul Harris Effect
  • First Impression
  • Five Card Assembly
  • Four Cards to Pocket
  • Four Jokers To A Royal flush
  • Handshake Transposition
    • A.K.A. Handshake  Transfer
  • Larry Jennings Card Stab
  • Larry Jennings Opener
  • Mac Donald Aces
  • Out Of Sight-Out Of Mind
    • Dai Vernon Effect
    • Presentation Only
  • Pineapple Surprise
  • Slow Motion Aces
  • The Thought Of Card
  • Vanished Thought


  • Gaetan Bloom Asks:
    • What Effect Dai Vernon Would Ask Larry To Do
    • Also What Effect Dai Vernon Did Not Like
    • Asks About Larry And Dai Vernons Relationship
    • How Did You Begin In Magic
    • Larry’s Favorite Trick Of Dai Vernon
      • “Out Of Sight-Out Of Mind” or “No Looking”
  • Slow Motion Aces
    • Larry Jennings Explains About The Body And Effect Construct


  • Bluff Laydown
  • Bluff Shift – Ed Marlo’s
  • Christ Twist – Henry Christ
  • Cover Shift
  • Curry Turnover – Paul Curry
  • Diagonal Palm Shift – Erdnase
    • Larry Jennings Handling
  • Double Undercut
  • Elmsley Count With A Square Up In The Center
  • Free Fall Double
  • Gamblers Cop
  • Immediate Bottom Control
    • Larry Jennings
  • Immediate Side Steal – Larry Jenning
  • Larreverse
  • Larry Jennings Force Double
  • Larry Jennings Palm Add On
  • Loewy Palm – Professor Morris Loewy
  • Mechanical Reverse – Ken Krenzel
    • Version I
    • Version II
  • Multiple Shift – Neil Elias 
  • Olram Subtlety – Ed Marlo
  • Ovette Master Move – Joseph Ovette
  • Pivot Palm
  • Push Off break
  • Shift From A Peek
    • Pass From A Peek
  • Side Steal Handling – Larry Jennings
  • Standard Shift
    • Slight Jiggle Handling 
  • Tent Vanish


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In Paris France

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