Introduction by Martin A. Nash

  • Husband and Wife Aces
    • From the Book “Any Second Now
    • A.K.A. Husband and Wife Challenge Ace Routine
    • A.K.A. Man and Wife Aces
  • Slow Motion Sleight Of Hand
  • One Trick Impossibility
  • Doing That Segregationist’s Shuffle from the book “Ever So Sleightly
  • Paul Lepaul Color Separation


  • A Simple Zarrow Shuffle
  • Buckle
  • Harry Lorayne Fan Force
  • Houdin 4th Finger Break
  • In Hands Faro Keeping Top Stock
  • Knock Out Double Lift
  • Marlo Crimp
  • One Card Add On
  • One Hand 4th finger Break
  • Overhand False Shuffle Keeping Top Stock
  • Paint Brush Change
  • Pull Through Shuffle
  • Removing A Crimp During A Table Shuffle
  • Roman Shuffle
  • Snap Change
  • Tips On The Pull Through shuffle
  • Triple Under cut Transfer Top Card To Bottom
  • Up The Ladder Cut
  • Zingone Pass
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