Originally titled “Das Wunderbuch Der Zauberkunst” or “The Wonder Book of Magic”

A 24 page Section in the book called “The Wonders of Card Magic

  • Historical Note on Playing-Cards
  • Fundamental Sleights with Cards
    • The Blind Cut
    • The Change
      • Top Change
      • Bottom Change
    • The False Shuffle
    • The Force
    • The Glide
    • The Mexican Turnover
    • The Palm
    • The Pass
    • The Slip
  • The Set-Up Pack and Tricks Therewith
  • Other Mathematical Card Tricks
    • The Inseparable Pairs
    • The Card in the Pocket
  • Sleight-of-Hand Card Tricks
    • With Pass, False Shuffle, Blind Cut, and Slip
    • With the Change (The Bewildering Aces)
    • With the Glide (The Siamese Aces)
    • With the Mexican Turnover (The Power of Gold)
    • With the Palm (The Cards Up the Sleeve)
    • The Magnetic Plate
    • The Puzzling Prediction
    • The Rising Cards
    • The Queen of the Air
  • The Card Fountain
  • Flourishes
    • The Back Palm
    • Springing the Cards
    • The Waterfall Drop
    • The Turnover on the Arm
    • Spread and Catch on Arm
    • Throwing a Card
    • Making a Fan
  • Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein and His Card Tricks


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