• Card To Wallet
  • Miracle Prediction
  • On Le Paul’s Card To Envelope Set
  • Sponge Ball And Bowl Routine
  • The Master Grip
  • Wild Business 


  • Count Of 10 Transformation
  • Dai Vernon Shuffle Crimp
  • In-jog During A Ribbon Spread Pick Up
  • Mind Mapping
    • A Brief  Explanation Of Mind Mapping For Creative Magic
  • Paddle Move With A Card
  • Removing A Card From Ribbon Spread
  • Reversing A Card During A Shuffle
  • The Peek
  • The Step
  • Slydini Ball Vanish
  • Squeeze Ball Vanish
  • Tactile Key Card
  • Top Card Glimpse
  • Topping The Deck – Dai Vernon
    • From The Book “Select Secrets” Dai Vernon
  • Turn Over Pass – Hermann

The Roberto Giobbi Lecture: Taped Live! at the 7th British Close-up Magic 2001

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Taped Live! at the 7th British Close-up Magic Symposium

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