Seems To Me

Seems To Me,
All Of The New Tricks Are Amazing and The Best?!

Every now and again, an amazing new effect or move does come along that you truly have to get and have to put it straight into your act but, not very often.

There are a lot of magic stores that seem to be claiming things like:

"This Effect Is So Stunning It Is Going Straight Into My Act!"

"The Most Amazing Trick I Have Ever Seen..."

"The Most Incredible Thing I Have Ever Seen!


"Leaves Audiences Blown Away And In A Stupor!"

"The Best And Perfect Mentalist Effect To Come Along In Decades!"

"It Fooled Me Bad!"

"Everything Can Be Examined."

Most of these effects or moves that are new, are not really new at all, just repackaged redesigned same 'ol.
Now, don't get us wrong, there are some new things out there and some great and amazing things but they tend to get buried and can only be found by word of mouth and your own discovery.

The problem is because the pitchmen and hype-men are throwing everything into the same bowl and telling you that "everything" is the greatest well, it makes it a bit hard to sift through.

It is very akin to "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" the problem is that most magicians have fallen for the pitch of a particular effect or two only to find out that the effect ends up not being that good.

The problems are great and many i.e. it has horrible angles, the gaff is clunky, the card effect is really all math and memorization, you have to ditch gaffs, the effect is long winded or any of the many pitfalls. So, most magicians then become leery and in the end usually become very particular and discerning when it comes to purchasing items and stores actually start to lose sales.

Now, as stated before, every once in a while something does come along that truly is amazing and yes, you do have to have it!  But, there is no way that all 25 of the effects that came out this last month are all amazing and that you have to have them all.

Take the time to read all of those magic books you have been acquiring that are on your bookshelf, read them all cover to cover.  Watch all of those videos you have been purchasing from beginning to end and you will start to see that you can and will gain a huge amount of knowledge about magic effects, magic methods, magic theory and magic history.

Armed with all of that great knowledge, you will be able to decipher through the B.S. and hype and you will be able to make sound decisions about purchasing that next, new amazing effect.

The FOCM Team


Seems to me,
New Effect Trailer Videos Are Exactly What The Trick Is!

These new video tailors for effects seem to be more of a magic trick than the effect itself.

When you see a new trailer for most effects, they have staged crowds, actors acting amazed and dumbfounded, amazing lights and incredible cinematic scenescapes and musical score to punctuate the effect and mood.  

Of course we all realize that all of this video editing can be done by a kid with iMovie. But, most high end editors are going to be using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro or maybe even Avid Media Composer.

The point here is not what they are using but how they are using it. It seems that there is more importance on dramatic music, filters and shoot locations rather than the effect.

You see some of the effect being performed and the "reactions" they are getting but you can not really tell what the effect is from top to bottom, in its entirety.

If you do a search on the name of the performer and/or the effect you are likely to see someone else performing the effect in its entirety and sometimes, it is even the actual performer/creator.

It is in this longer, uncut footage, without the lighting, perfect camera angles, special cuts and dramatic extras, you can actually see the effect en total.

It is right then and there you may say "Wow, that is really great, I have to buy it." or you may be saying "Crap, is that all there is to it? It is just a force, a diagonal jog, pass, double lift, a ridiculous card counting sequence and equivoque kind of thing" and then you would probably not buy it.

The bottom line is that it is very hard to tell the difference between what is a really good effect/move and what is just perfect camera angles and staging. But, if you look a little deeper and you have some knowledge of card magic, magic theory and even just knowledge of sleights, you can usually ascertain whether or not an effect or move is worth buying.

The FOCM Team

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