The Martin A. Nash Bracelet Mystery
(A Johnny Thompson and Martin A Nash Story)

The Martin A. Nash Bracelet Mystery
A Johnny Thompson and Martin A Nash Story

I had recently purchased a Bracelet that belonged to Martin A. Nash (M.A.N.), engraved
with his name on the back but, I was a bit leery that the bracelet may possibly not really
have been Martin A. Nash’s bracelet.

So, after combing through old videos, Books and photos, I felt reasonably sure
that my bracelet looked like the same bracelet Martin A. Nash used to wear but,
I was just not 100% sure.  So, I tracked down some people who might know more.

Jamy Ian Swiss wrote a blog on Martin A. Nash’s passing so, I contacted him.
Jamy informed me all about what he knew and let me know that he was pretty
sure that Johnny Thompson actually was willed or given Martin’s Bracelet by
the M.A.N. estate and that would mean that Johnny Thompson actually
owns Martin’s bracelet.

After that conversation, I contacted Johnny Thompson. We discussed
the properties of the bracelets and tried to compare over the phone and email.

And because Johnny Thompson and Martin A. Nash were close, I knew that what
he was telling me was the pure truth and that at this point, we are both pretty sure
that Johnny Thompson owned the legitimate Martin A. Nash bracelet and I had been duped.

But this thought kept nagging me, “Why would someone, anyone, copy Martin A. Nash’s
bracelet? To what end?” So, after Johnny Thompson and I tried to figure out what and
why etc., he informed me that he would be attending/working at “Magic Live” in
Vegas 08/04/2018 – 08/08/2018 and that I should come out and we can each see the bracelets
and compare them side by side but, at that time, I could not attend the Magic Live week so we left it at that.

Then Johnny Thompson let me know that he was doing a very small, furtive lecture with
Rick Maue & Paul Vigil and I was sent an invitation to attend.

So, I changed my schedule and went out for the lecture.  I happened to run into
Steve Reynolds and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the taping.  After
the live 3 hour taping, Johnny, Paul and Rick were all nice enough to hang out and talk.

Johnny and I then had a chance to actually look at the bracelets and compare them.
Johnny actually took his bracelet off and handed it to me and as we compared the two
bracelets, it was obvious that the bracelets were not alike in size or metals, they
did have the same pips on them but, that was all.

Actually, Meir Yedid was there and all three of us were all talking about the bracelets
and we all agreed that the bracelet I had was obviously not the same as the one
Johnny Thompson had.  Yedid and Thompson hoped I had not paid a lot for it
and they were apologetic that I had been duped and we all had a laugh.

But then, after I had arrived home, I was thinking about it and thought that maybe,
for reasons unknown to us, Martin A. Nash had two bracelets made.

So, I started to really comb over the old tapes and newer DVDs, The “Videonics Series”,
the “Infinity And Beyond” tapes, the “Charming Cheat Show and Lecture”,
“The Award Winning Card Magic”, the Martin A. Nash books and pictures.

What I found was the following:

The bracelet that I have is genuine and definitely the same bracelet that
Martin A. Nash is wearing on the early tapes, the clasp and size and width
of the chain everything was exact.

The bracelet that Johnny had is genuine and definitely the same bracelet that
Martin A. Nash is wearing on the “Martin A. Nash Live!”
or better known as “The Charming Cheat Show and Lecture” from 2002.

The eye opening moment was when I was looking over “Martin A. Nash Live!”
(which may possibly be the last commercial video Martin A. Nash filmed)
and there it was, plain as day, on that tape/DVD was the actual bracelet that
Johnny Thompson owned and was given by Martin A. Nash estate.
The size, the clasp the metals, the chain, everything!

So this was the very bracelet that Martin A. Nash owned and Johnny Thompson owned
and the very bracelet that I had compared my bracelet to.

So the end result and to sum it all up is the following:

  • Martin A. Nash had at least 2 bracelets made
  • One bracelet made earlier in his life
  • One bracelet made later in his life
  • The bracelet that I have is the earlier one that Martin A. Nash
    has on in the earlier videos, it is the smaller of the two.
  • The bracelet that Johnny Thompson owned is the much larger,
    nicer and more elegant one that was purchased later in the life of Martin A. Nash.

After running this by Johnny we agreed this must be the answer to the Martin A. Nash Bracelet Mystery.

It was nice that Johnny was so helpful and eager to try and help in anyway he could at the time.
He could have easily blown me off and never talked to me about it at all but, he did not do that.
He actually went far beyond and out of his way to help out and to try and figure out the mystery.

He will be missed.


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